faith vincent
exhibition text

Breathless 2015
They returned
Night after night,
Moving like in a dance,
Or some dream
They once remembered.

Not long after writing this, I had an idea to make a series of hangings and for it to be almost awkward to visit so that a viewer would be acutely aware of both the physicality of the piece and it’s fragility. In my experience when confronted with fragility most people are acutely aware of the damage they could do and react accordingly - if anything holding their breath. If the work is about anything it is celebration of that humanity.

For the mobiles to exist their balance is vital. From their fine threads they hang as if they are in some sort of trance blown by the vacuum left by the viewer. Their own weight is almost too heavy for their thin threads but not quite and their existence is an act of defiance.

There is something about white, about it being all encompassing, all absorbing, a composite of every colour that I find fascinating. And the need to keenly light white on white generates fabulous billowing shadows. Derek Walcott articulates this beautifully, 'who would have thought your shadow could have been so solid?'